Using EdBuy Contracts

Searching and

Shopping on EdBuy

Using the EdBuy site, you have access to bid-protected piggybackable contracts containing hundreds of line items that have great pricing. You also have access on-line to the contract documents that detail the piggybackable clause. These documents can be printed out for presentation to your school board if needed.

Searching for items and pricing is simple on EdBuy. You can search four different ways for line-item detail:

  1. You can search by manufacturer SKU number or keyword for the item you are looking for.
  2. Some suppliers have "punchout" available through EdBuy. From the EdBuy site, you will be taken to the suppliers own website - where you will see the pricing from awarded bid contracts (you would not necessarily see bid pricing if you went to a vendor's web site directly). When you check out of a vendor's site, all items you have shopped for will be directed back to EdBuy as a list for you to print and attach to your district PO.
  3. You can view a listing of all piggybackable contracts available to you. The list of contracts will show the awarded vendor and contract description. From this page you can also view the actual contract and line item detail associated with it.
  4. There is also a browse path whereby you can search or browse for items by clicking on a category description. Each click will take you to narrower description till you have drilled down to the specific item you are looking for.

You will be able to create lists containing line item detail from many different contracts, or just one. You can then save those lists by using your email address and have access to them for up to 30 days. The lists can be printed so you can attach them to your purchase order.